David Villegas

Is a master at capturing the essence of his subject in his photography.

David Productions provides a full range of commercial photography services for corporate and professional needs, in the studio, or on location.

David is currently producing high-end photography in the following areas:

Commercial, Illustrative & Product Photography, Events, Portfolios, Head Shots, Contemporary & Southwestern Art.

Whether you need a product, portrait, editorial, industrial or Cover Photograph —

David’s distinctive style and undeniable talent makes him the perfect choice.

David Villegas Photographer,

David Productions Commercial Photography

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Atlanta, Georgia






“It Doesn’t Let Me Rest”

I wake up every morning with a “Sense of Urgency”

An urgency to photograph, to create!

Professes David Villegas, a twelfth generation New Mexican.

“My Palette is my camera, my lenses, my film”.

This Santa Fe native,

 Contemporary Artist & Commercial Photographer,

Creates magnificent images, using vibrant swirls of color, animated movement, shadows, highlights & an

“Andy Warhol”,

Type of creative energy that works well with his innovative approach to both natural light & sometimes a combination

of both studio & natural lighting.